Secret site launch!

Bent archives WIPDecided to launch the new site and not tell anyone. Why? Well…. it’s not really done.

Some of the big changes include the removal of the ”compilations” pages. They’re just on lots of compilations, okay? I didn’t feel this info was very relevant, except for when the track in question is an exclusive. So, that page became ”Compilation only / Free tracks” where I also list the music given out for free online. Tracks have appeared on Soundcloud, Facebook etc and although they may not be available there any more, they are now ”out there” for you to seek…

Another change is this blog you’re reading. I’m going to try to post news tidbits as well as my own thoughts and other Bent info that might be of interest. There should be a RSS feed here somewhere for you to put into whatever thing you like to read your news in. You know what I mean. Or just check back here from time to time and have a look.

The links page is not only quite dull right now, it’s also full of links to pages that might now be active at all any more. Not sure what to do about that, but there it is.

I’m in the process of updating the MP3 clips page to make it up to date with all the new and old stuff. I’ll let you know when that’s done.

The lyrics. Oh, the lyrics. There are two ways to go here. Either you help me (good) or I’ll just drop that altogether (bad). Some of the tracks have so many ??? in them that it’s actually quite embarassing. And I don’t get embarassed easily. Also, a bunch of new tracks from the Vaults to enter there.

Like I said, some more work to do but here it is. Oh, and guess what: You can comment on this blog. Isn’t that great? Go ahead, try it.

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