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Compilation Only Tracks

Admiral Backshot

Jockey Slut cover CD March 2000, Vol.3 #2
Country: UK
Cat.#: jockeyslut001

03. Bent – Admiral Backshot (05:50)

As You Fall (Micah’s Swollen Booty Mix)

Balance 007 (12" Sampler Part 1)

Format: 12″
Label: EQ Grey Australia
Cat.#: EQGLP 12001
Release: 8th August, 2005

B1. Bent – As You Fall (Micah’s Swollen Booty mix)

As You Fall (Micah Remix)

Balance 007

Format: 3xCD
Label: EQ Grey Australia
Cat.#: EQGCD 010
Release: 16 may, 2005

CD 2
14.Bent – As You Fall (Micah remix)

Dirty Mind (Prince cover)

Heroes! Rewind!
Muzik Magazine cover CD February 2003

01. Bent – Dirty Mind

Feel It

Chillout Summer 2000

Format: CD
DJ Magazine cover disc issue 267

09: Bent – Feel It

Give us a Bumble

Music For The Fast Lane

Esquire cover CD January 2001

10: Bent – Give Us A Bumble

Good Bloke

State Of Independents

Format: CD
Label: Muzik Magazine
Cat.#: si99
Release: Muzik Magazine #46 Cover disc March, 1999

01. Bent – Good Bloke (05:04)

Good Bloke

The Chillout Room 2

Format: 2xCD
Label: Columbia Records
Cat.#: 495 186 2
Release: 1999

07 Bent – Good Bloke


Scratch The Itch

Label: Sleazenation
Format: CD

03. Bent – Mummy

No More Tears

Serve Chilled 2

Cat.#: LATER 00X7
coverdisc on Later, 2000

10. Bent – No More Tears (05.41)

Winter Wonderland (feat. Cathy Davey)

We Love Yule

Format: CD
Label: Wall Of Sound
Cat.#: AMOUR11EA

Release: December 2005

01 – Bent feat. Cathy Davey – Winter Wonderland

BJ Cole – Alert The Sax Police (featuring Bent)

BJ Cole – Trouble In Paradise

04. Alert The Sax Police (featuring Bent)

It’s Happening, Pipegroove

The Art Of Chill Vol. 5
Format: 2xCD / Digital Download
Label: Platipus Records
Release: October 2008

01. BJ Cole, Millsy & Davy Spillane – Pipegroove
06. Simon And Eliza – It’s Happening
09. Bent – As Seen From Space

Free Tracks
X These tunes were given out for free at the old Bent site. Your best bet to find them now is probably some deep Googling… Clips on the MP3 page!

15th Floor (As you fall instrumental)
Blue (long version)
Leavin’ Me (Millsy remix)
Lollipop lady
Sunday boy (Demo version)
The seekers

Music in Adverts

Private Road

Carlsberg – ”Bank” (2001)

Invisible Pedestrian

Vodafone – ”Text (Dirt)” (2002)

Thick Ear

Inland Revenue – ”Tax Credits” (2003)