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3 May 2013:
This site will migrate to a Wordpress installation, which means I can post small news tidbits easily and you can get updates easily via RSS feeds etc.
Still no definite release date for the Vaults, but there are always things going on with Simon and Neil. Neils vinyl release "Ode Rammel" has so far sold 1,500 copies and is due for a second repress, and there's lots of updates on their Facebook pages: NAIL and Napoleon.

26 February 2013:
As we near the releases of two volumes of unreleased material from Bent, it was high time to update the site.Both Simon and Neil have been busy doing all sorts of stuff, but as explained below this site deals only with Bent since there is just so much to keep track of! Simon's Napoleon album was released, some remixes were made and another album is due soon. Neil have been keeping busy releasing old and new sounds in a wide range of styles, mainly on his Bandcamp page. The guys like to keep us in the dark though, so I'm sure there are Bent bits here and there that I've missed, although nowadays Discogs is a great source of information. So, you know, I steal shit from there.

23 August 2011:
More than two years later, an update. Or rather, a downdate. I've actually removed info off the site simply because I was getting to a point where I was reaching too far and finding it too hard to keep up. That's why you can no longer find pages for Simons and Neils projects outside of Bent.
You are recommended to check their pages for more info: Simon Mills and Neil Tolliday, as well as their Facebook page for updates and free tracks. This site will very soon be updated with more Bent info.

15 August 2009:
If you're not satisfied and want to get even more new Bent, then do not fear: Always Remixes is out soon! Remixers are Mighty Mouse and Trevor Loveys. According to Mighty Mouse, they've remixes Swollen as well for release in September.

12 August 2009:
Go now to the Bent MySpace page to get a free track (Lollipop Lady, the last of the infamous competition EP tracks), and Simon promises more free tracks soon!

25 July 2009:
Instead of updating the MP3 clips with the new Best Of tracks, I have now created a Simon & Eliza page (removed aug 2011). The lyrics section is still a work in progress though. There's a few ???'s in there, and if you want to help just email me. Also I've prepared the menu above for the hinted-at next album as well as a Goose Fair Island page. I will also expand the iTunes page to a Bent digital downloads links page with more shops.

28 June 2009:
The release date and track list for the Best Of is finally upon us. It's got a great selection of singles, album tracks and unreleased stuff. Not only that, but there will be a couple (I'm guessing two) packs of 12" vinyls with selected remixes, as of yet unknown. Check out the discog Era 4 for the details! The album release of Nails project Goose Fair Island is pushed back to after the Best Of business has settled down, but you can listen to a couple of more tracks now on the GFI MySpace page.

21 April 2009:
Right. Well, we've passed the site's 6th birthday (yay) and here's some news for you by way of Bents MySpace page: "We are currently getting ready for the release of our 'Best of' comp, due later in the year - it'll be a double cd and available on itunes.. 2 albums - one of our faves and another of completely unreleased material.." which sounds just perfect to me.
Not only do we also have the Goose Fair Island to look forward to, but Simon has been working with Lenny Annex (which may or may not actually be Simon) and there's some stuff to listen to at that MySpace page while waiting for Lennys forthcoming EP.

21 January 2009:
Some more updates: Scans of the japanese OBI-strip and info sheet for Intercept! courtesy of a nice guy called Artur. Also, updates in the shape of most of the various images and compilation info which I've had laying around for a while. Also also, Goose Fair Island is on MySpace, although there's nothing there yet.

12 January 2009:
More updates? Yes! As we near the Bent Discogs 6th Anniversary, Nail returns with a new project: Goose Fair Island. It's a smokefilled, laidback psychedelic chillout-funkfest, and you can listen to several tunes of it right here, with an album called "Rides" to follow soon. Also join the GFI Facebook group for the latest updates straight from the source.

More info: Simon & Eliza seems to on hold, their MySpace page is gone and details are sketchy. The 10th Anniversary thingie is also on hold due to other commitments. Watch this space.

22 December 2008:
What, an update? Yes. It's true. And there are news.

First of all, Simon of Bent has a new project called Simon & Eliza which logically involves Simon and a girl named Eliza. Eliza Wren Payne to be exact. They've been recording an album for a while now, which I'm guessing is coming out pretty soon. If you want to hear their wonderful music, then head out to their MySpace page for some great tunes. They've got a website at too, but there's nothing there yet.

Bent has been working too. They recently released the 2-CD DJ mix The Art Of Chill 5 on Platipus Records, and while it has no new Bent tracks (although As Seen From Space is on it) it does have Simon & Elizas It's Happening, a track with Bent-regular BJ Cole together with Millsy (that's Simon again) and a chap named Davy Spillane called Pipegroove, and lots more great chillout stuff. Available on CD and as digital download (but I've no idea how to purchase the entire album digitally from there).

What's more, back in January, they remixed Superbass' track Solution (feat. Relation) and you can shop that from Toolroom Records. If you remember, Superbass did a remix of Waiting For You, the single which never went past the promo stage.

Apparantly, the 10th Anniversary thingie is now set for 2009. (No really, did it being December 22nd give it away?) Still no more information on this. Or maybe it's out and I don't know about it. Nobody tells me anything anymore.

9 April 2008:
A little design update. Dropped the javascript menu and went with a simpler and more obvious menu in a frameset. Each page has a little submenu up top if needed. No content updates, though. I'm sorry.

17 February 2008:
A nice guy called Artur from Russia provides some info and scans on Kosheen releases as well as a Max Sedgley promo CD, and a To Be Loved four-track CDR including the iTunes-only Mr.B remix. Many thanks to him!

10 January 2008:
On a blogpost on their MySpace page, Bent tells us of their plans to mark their 10th anniversary: "I'd like to mention that we have a few hopes for this year... one of them is hopefully the release of a 'Bent's Greatest Hits' (heheheheh!) to mark a decade of sample squishing and knob twiddling, so watch this space for further details.. I'm sure we'll be kind enough to plop on some new bits, old secrets and other treats of a Bent nature!"

Not only that, but they later on add: "think of it more of a DVD with more unreleased stuff (we do have about 250 tracks in our archive) demos, track notes, photos, behind-the-scenes footage, and a proper write up on the whole thing so far... It's a fingers crossed from us too, it takes a bit of planning!"

This sounds absolutely fantastic, so let's hope this comes to fruition!
There has also been some secret updates around here these last few months. Some MP3 clips and the likes.

15 October 2007:
The new single is the double whammy of The Handbrake / Leavin' Me, whose release is still a bit sketchy. There's a 7" vinyl with the album versions (and a CDR promo of the same) and also a CDR promo containing a couple of remixes. If these remixes will appear on official release or on iTunes, I've not been able to find out.
But until then, why not check out Cathy Davey's new album Tales Of Silversleeve? You might remember her beautiful voice from Winter Wonderland and the sadly not-included-on-Intercept! Broken. Everything you need to know is right here: .

25 September 2007:
I sometimes get emails from people having trouble finding rare Bent in their record shops. I mostly suggest going to eBay, where the limited vinyls and hard-to-find remixes pop up every now and then. If you need an immediate Bent fix, then I've set up an iTunes link page, which gives you an overlook of all Bent related material there. However, iTunes is set up with different content for different countries, so be aware not everything is available everywhere. For example, the UK shop doesn't offer Programmed To Love, while the Swedish shop does.

Older updates can now be found HERE.

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