Donkeys In Heaven
Your Smile In My Eyes
Safety Net
Love Is In The Air
Beauty And The Beast
Bewitched As I Am
Gardening Time
The Boy Who
Above are the pages that made up the original 'Download To Love' pop-up microsite which first appeared as part of the New Musical Express site on July 9th 2001. From that date onwards a song was released daily. All ten tracks were accompanied with comments by both the Bent boys alongside them.
It is possible to download each individual MP3 of the songs via 'Download Track' and return to this index page via 'Listen To Track'. There are no links below these. There had been a contest at the time of the tracks being made available which requested fans to design an imaginary sleeve for Downloaded To Love. Quite what the outcome was or whether there were any prizes given only the good Doctors could tell you.
Many thanks to Bent for allowing the resurrection of this site and to all the Bent Massive Posee - in full deaf effect tha' knows.
Oh, almost forgot - here, make your very own Downloaded To Love CD sleeve. Note incidentally that the name of the site is 'Downloaded To Love' however the CD sleeve is entitled 'Downloaded For Love' - bent indeed!