”Up In The Air” Second edition and more!

More stuff from the boys: ”Up In The Air” gets a ”second edition” vinyl pressing in cornflower blue. Limited to 250 copies, released May 7th exclusively from Rough Trade so get it before it’s gone: https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/bent/up-in-the-air/lp-plus-x2-2

Selected remixes of ”Friends” will get a 12″ release in June, preorder soon available from Juno here: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/bent-friends-feat-ashley-beedle-crazy-p/812621-01/

Nail has a new project together with Asa Hudson called ”Champyun Clouds” which you should check out immediately. Their album is already out on Bandcamp, where you can stream it, buy it digitally and on limited different coloured vinyl: https://champyunclouds.bandcamp.com/album/champyun-clouds

There’s also the ”Daddy Dusty” EP which will be available soon from Juno right here: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/champyun-clouds-daddy-dusty/819853-01/

And on top of this, there’s even more Bent in the pipeline imminently…

Catching up!

Has it really been fourteen years? Yes! Also, no. ”From The Vaults: 1998-2006” came out in 2013 and ”Best of” in 2009, but the music on those were either previously released, or only new in the sense that it was so far unreleased and not newly composed. But yes! It’s been fourteen years since ”Intercept!” and finally Simon and Neil got back together to record brand new music for us.

Since ”Intercept!”, Simon and Neil have been keeping busy with their own projects. Neil released a whole lot of deep house vinyls as ”Nail”, several sample-heavy albums as ”Goose Fair Island” and uncountable experimental electronics under an ever increasing number of pseudonyms. Simon upped the analogue flavour of Bent with two albums and about a million EPs as ”Napoleon” before changing the all too ubiquitous artist name to his own for the following records, and has been releasing house tunes in projects ”Pincer Movement” and ”Somethin’ Sanctified”.

One fun thing about listening to their separate output is that you kind of get the feeling of who-does-what in Bent. The most Bent-comparable output of Neil would be the Goose Fair Island stuff, which is sample heavy, more out there and more unpredictable. Simon on the other hand, as Napoleon, is more about classic analogue sounds and big chords. Bent then, always worked best with the two mashed together. I think many fans with me love Bent as much for the lush reverbs, great melodies and emotional songs as they do for the odd samples, unique twists and, you know.. being quirky.

The announcement of their new release is imminent, so keep track of their Facebook to know all about it.

Simon Mills / Napoleon on Bandcamp

Neil Tolliday / Goose Fair Island / etc on Bandcamp

Nail vinyls on Juno

Nail digital music on Juno

12 Napoleon EPs and more

First, after Neil dismantled the GFImusic Bandcamp site, parts of it has reappeared.

Here’s the Goose Fair Island bandcamp where you can get the two latest albums: http://goosefairisland.bandcamp.com/ and here is the GFI Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/goosefairisland

And here is the Flesh0 bandcamp, where you can get some of that experimental dark stuff: http://flesh0.bandcamp.com/ and here’s it’s Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/flesh0

Next, Simon is vowing to keep busy. His aim is to release an EP every month for this entire year! Keep track of him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NapoleonUK and check out this preview from the first EP, a great tune called ”Nightfall”.

And in case you missed it, Simon also asked people for samples from which he created this tune: ”You Could <3 This”.


MP3s, GORK and Yonks.

Bent-BestOf-Japan-DiscDearest of friends, here are some news for you! First of all, I’ve updated the MP3 Clips page, and so you can now listen to 57 new clips, or grab a playlist of them all with a total running time of over 105 minutes! An update of the remix section on that page will follow.

Various tidbits have been added to parts of the discography as well, and I’m awaiting some records I’ve ordered to be able to add even more images. More on that later!

Simon has been busy with Pincer Movement, whose ”G.O.R.K. EP” is out soon. Samples below:

Nail isn’t resting either, with his own 12″ called ”Yonks” and participation on a 12″ from Fear Of Flying with his tune ”Glazed”. Grab them from Juno using these links:

Flesho – Butterlust CDR

919475_529853820405268_1224762314_o[1]Neils alter ego Flesho released ”Butterlust” on Bandcamp a while back, and now: ”available as a limited, numbered edition of 33 CDRs. (butter not included)”. Get it from Infinite Limits for £4.99! Download still available & stream at http://gfimusic.bandcamp.com/album/butterlust .