Best Of – Deluxe Edition with new unreleased tracks!

Godlike & Electric announced today the availability of ”Best Of” in a deluxe edition with 8 (well, actually 7) previously unreleased tracks! For now, it’s only available for streaming but let’s hope for at least a downloadable version soon.

The new tracks are:

New Holland Blue
The Second Colour Blue
A Ribbon For My Hair (Demo)
Cylons In Love (Instrumental)
High Fever
I Love My Man (Instrumental)
Terry (Demo)

The reason I said 7 is because ”Rocky” was actually one of the bonus tracks on the limited edition of ”From The Vaults”! Go and check these tracks out on several streaming platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Tidal – here is the Spotify link:

So what else has been going on since the last update? A whole lot, actually.

There’s a Bent remix and a Simon Mills remix on this EP by artist Zero Netcost. Coming out on vinyl later on!

Simon has released ”Shelf Life – Unreleased Demos ’91 to ’21” volumes 2 and 3, 39 more great tracks which you can find here: and keeps releasing house tunes with Somethin’ Sanctified on Soundcloud.

Neil’s band Champyun Clouds are working hard. Together with Asa Thomas Hudson they’ve already released two full albums, five singles/EPS and a live album in little over a year!

Neil himself is also keeping busy. As well as a steady flow of new and previously unreleased house tunes on, how about some deep, deep dub under the name Nitroman? Two albums, right here: The Return of the Dub Calculator and Nitroman Meets the Dubmariner in a Scubadub Style?

Want more? Thought you would. A wide variety of things can be found on – admittedly some of it’s very experimental, but let me point you to the fourth album by Goose Fair Island called ”Rope”.

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